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    Hydrogen Hybrid Conversion

    We have collaborated with key scientists to develop a hydrogen hybrid conversion system. The term hydrogen conversion system is used because your're not required to either change or modify existing systems in any way. In fact, you can easily switch back to the original set up or in a matter of seconds to the Hydrogen Conversion System !

    Hydrogen Generators

    The heart of our system is the hydrogen generator. This is simply an arrangement that allows an electric DC current to separate H2O into it's two basic components - Hydrogen and Oxygen. These then combine into a new combination of HHO or Brown's gas. We have this information in more detail elsewhere on this website and in our E-Book, "Hydrogen Conversion".


    Using our recently developed system, it is possible to greatly increase your engine's efficiency while saving from 20% to as much as 50% on your fuel purchases. This works for both gasoline and diesel engines.

    However, one often overlooked benefit of the hydrogen conversion systems is the benefit to your engine. It takes about thirty days for the carbon deposits to begin to be cleaned out. After that, you'll begin to notice that your exhaust fumes are smelling differently. The added life to your engine can be of even more financial consequence than increased fuel savings!


    Check out our website and see if this new technology is something in which you might be interested.
    Take a look at our 'test vehicles' to judge for yourself!


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