HYDROGEN CONVERSION GARAGE Retirees and others working together to market Hydrogen Conversion
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    John I'm John Lounsberry and I'm here to tell you about a terrific plan that "The Garage" has developed. We are making it possible for those who are retired to develop their own business without a big start-up investment.

    This is available to anyone, whether they are retired or not. However, I'm wanting us to be sure to make it especially easy for my age group to participate. The only investment is the purchase price of the "Hydrogen Conversion" E-Book and it sells for $49.00.

    Why should I purchase the "Hydrogen Conversion E-Book"?

    Once you have purchased the E-Book and read it, you'll have several options for income. It just depends on how involved you want to become in helping to develop the Hydrogen Conversion industry. The reason that we require you to purchase the E-Book is twofold. First, all of the proceeds from the E-Book sales are put back into ongoing research and development. Secondly, as soon as someone hears that you are one of builders of the Hydrogen Conversion industry, they are going to bombard you with questions!

    Home Business Oportunity

    We have set up a totally different type of affiliate plan. All you have to do is give away a free CD that contains the E-Book. The beautiful thing about this system is that we will set up your copy of the E-Book so that your name is in the book and when someone is ready to purchase the "Hydrogen Conversion" E-Book, they are sent directly to your personal order page on our website.

    ClickBank handles your commission

    When you are given your personalized E-Book and your own web page, you will register with ClickBank to have your commission of 50% taken out at the point of purchase.You will receive your money before we do!

    For your own information, go to either Yahoo or Google and do a search on ClickBank. They are a highly respected business that provides protection for affiliates as well as being a tremendous help to those who are marketing electronic items.

    Choices that you have

    As an affiliate, you can limit your involvement to merely handing out the free CDs to people that you know. Or, you can install a Hydrogen Conversion System on your own vehicle to see if it really works. (You have the assurance of a thirty day money back guarantee if you're not 100% satisfied that the system does do everything that we say it does.)

    Another possibility is to start providing the Hydrogen Conversion systems for other people. We provide the instructions for both installations and also for developing your own business.

    No franchise or affiliate fees

    You will have the choice of Purchasing the complete systems from us at a 40% discount and then reselling it at the retail price. That would mean a profit of $158.00 for you! A second option is building your own system and keeping all of the profit.

    Either way you go, there are no additional fees to us. We will help you set up your own seperate business. You will also have the option of purchasing your system construction supplies from us or purchasing them yourself from another supplier.

    Purchasing the E-Book is a requirement for everyone who buys a unit.

    Because this is still an experimental industry there is a need to be able to contact everyone who is using the Hydrogen Conversion systems. There may be a warning statement that we need to get out. Or there may be a small adjustment to the system that someone discovers that will mean an increased fuel saving. If we have a means of contacting the users, it'll be a simple matter to alert everyone involved in using the systems.

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