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  1. Will the Hydrogen Conversion units work with a diesel engine?
  2. Yes, Because diesel engines are designed and built differently, there is a need
    for different installation. We are presently developing a new unit setup for
    diesels. It will consist of a combination of more stainless steel plates and
    a larger reservoir for the electrilyte solution.
    Also, by the 10th of September, we will have in the Private Members Area,
    information for a Diesel Bio conversion system where you can be up and running for
    less than $300.00.
  3. If I buy another car, can I move the Hydrogen Conversion unit to the new car?
  4. Yes, If the system is properly installed it can be removed and installed again
    with no problem.
  5. Can I get the unit installed?
  6. Yes, most mechanics can install the systems in less than four hours.
  7. What kind of guarantee do you have on the Hydrogen Conversion system?
  8. There is a thirty day guarantee. During that time, you can return an
    undamaged unit for a full refund. Also, you can get an extension on your
    refund by asking for it. We will be glad to work with you to get it operating
  9. My 30 day guarantee is about to run out and I'm still not sure that the unit is working for me.
  10. We will extend it another thirty days.
  11. You've extended my guarantee once. Can I get another extension?
  12. Certainly. These are still experimental units so we all have to work together
    to get our new industry on a solid footing.
  13. What kind of mileage should I realistically expect?
  14. Usually, older vehicles, 2000 models and older seem to get good results easier. However,
    we are getting at least a 20% improvement in gas mileage "across the board". Seth, one
    one of the grandsons, has a 1996 Toyota and his mpg has gone from a respectable
    32 mpg to over 50 mpg.
  15. In your E-Book, you said that you were having problems getting
    the MAP sensor enhancer to work. Have you gotten it to work yet?
  16. Yes, we have. The problem was that we had installed a check valve on the
    vacuum line to prevent back pressure to the unit. As it turned out, the valve
    was restricting the flow of the HHO gas. Then when we engaged the enhancer,
    because of the restriction, there was not enough fuel getting to the engine.
    This caused the computer to tell the transmission to downshift!
    It was determined that as long as the vacuum hose was at least 48 inches in
    length, the valve was not needed. So now, it's working fine.

    NOTE: This is part of an e-mail that was received from an Eastern European country.
  17. Can yor system work fine with full fuel injection system petrol engine and propane-butane powered engine?
  18. I have not used the Hydrogen Conversion system with butane - propane engines. However,
    the principle of operation is universal and so should present no problems with those
    fuels. I am presently driving a 2004 Dodge Ram pickup with the biggest engine and
    am getting well over a 33% increase with the mpg. It runs on gasoline (petrol).
    I checked the mpg this morning (10/15/2008) and on a flat stretch of interstate highway
    at 55 mph, I was getting 25 mpg. This is an increase of 11 mpg from the 14 mpg that
    I was previously getting. This is an increase of over 78% in fuel savings!
    Because this was just one test, we are not claiming that we will always get a 78% increase.
    However, we are continuing to experiment and "tweak" the system.
    There is no known safety issues with using our system on alternate fuels and
    if you would like to try it, we will certainly refund your money if it doesn't work for you.
    Would you consider joining with us to develop a fuel alternative for as many as are willing
    to go on the front lines of Hydrogen Conversion development? We will be glad to exchange
    information with you concerning our latest findings.